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Add objects to a channel

Assign objects to a channel, without removing the already assigned objects.

POST https://api-{region}{eventKey}/channels/{channelKey}/objects

Example request body

"objects": ["A-1", "A-2"]

The request body should be a JSON object with these properties:

  • objects: the full object labels of the objects that need to be assigned to this channel. Objects previously assigned to this channel will remain so.
Note on seasons

This API call allows overriding channel assignments within a season. E.g. an object in channel X for the season can be assigned to channel Y for an event (and vice-versa).

To mark an object as not assigned to a channel in an event, but still assigned to a channel on the season, use the key of the event and NO_CHANNEL as channel key.


All seats (or tables, booths or GA places) passed in to this API will be considered as "used seats" for pricing purposes.


The specified objects will be un-assigned from any previous channels.
That means that if seat A-1 is already assigned to channelA, and you assign A-1 to channelB using this endpoint, it will no longer be assigned to channelA and only be assigned to channelB.

Note on general admission areas

General admission areas can only be added as a whole to channels, it is not possible to assign some of the capacity to a channel.


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