Assign objects to channels

You can assign objects to a channel by associating a channel key with a list of object labels. Each object can only be assigned to a single channel.

POST https://api-{region}{eventKey}/channels/assign-objects
"channelConfig": {
"fc34bdf0-0175-5a0a-e9af-9b0310585056": [
"Stalls H-11-32",
"Stalls H-11-33"
"7a273f09-8c3a-2782-af93-6546d32abbe5": [
"Stalls H-11-36",
"Stalls H-11-37",
"Stalls H-11-38"

The request body should contain a json object with one property (channelConfig), that has a property per channel: the channel key as property name, and an array of object labels as property value.


204 - No Content