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General admission areas

Rate limits

This endpoint belongs to the priority lane.

To book general admission places (let's say 5), you can either:

  • pass in the label of the general admission area 5 times
  • or pass in the label of the general admission area and a quantity (e.g. 5)

All GA places passed in to this API will be considered as "used seats" for pricing purposes.

POST https://api-{region}{eventKey}/actions/change-object-status
POST https://api-{region}{eventKey}/actions/book
POST https://api-{region}{eventKey}/actions/hold
POST https://api-{region}{eventKey}/actions/release

Request without quantity

"objects": ["GA1", "GA1", "GA1", "GA1", "GA1"],
"status": "myCustomStatus"

Request with quantity

"objects": [{"objectId": "GA1", "quantity": 5}],
"status": "myCustomStatus"
Note differentiates between the technical label and displayed label for a bookable object. Changing the former in an active event can cause problems with existing bookings. Instead change displayed label, which is always safe. To learn more, see understanding labels

Temporarily holding places in a GA area

Holds for GA areas work in the same way as regular objects. Have a look at our documentation for more details.