Retrieve a chart thumbnail

Chart thumbnails are static PNG representations of a seating chart. This means that you cannot interact with the objects on the chart. You typically use them when showing a list of charts to a user, e.g. when integrating into your backoffice system.

These thumbnails are not a completely accurate representation of the seating chart. To get a high-detail static representation of a single chart, use print mode.


To use the thumbnail in an <img> tag, use the publicly accessible publishedVersionThumbnailUrl (or draftVersionThumbnailUrl) that is returned by the list charts and retrieve chart calls instead of the call documented below.

Retrieve the published version thumbnail#

GET https://api-{region}{chartKey}/version/published/thumbnail

This requires authentication by secret key. For a publicly available URL, use the publishedVersionThumbnailUrl that is returned by list charts and retrieve chart .

curl https://api-{region} \
-u aSecretKey:

Example response