Retrieve the status of an object

GET https://api-{region}{eventKey}/objects/{objectLabel}

Keep in mind that certain characters need to be URI encoded!

Example request#

curl https://api-{region} -u aSecretKey:

Example response#

Regular, non-GA object:

"status": "booked",
"ticketType": "adult",
"extraData": {
"foo": "bar"
"orderId": "anOrder",
"holdToken": "...",
"forSale": true

When the object is held (status reservedByToken), there's an additional property holdToken which is the hold token string that was used to hold the object.

A general admission area will yield this response:

"status": "free",
"quantity": 10

GA areas remain in status 'free' as long as they are not fully booked. quantity is the number of booked places.