Season tickets

Sometimes you need to change the status of objects for a whole bunch of events at once. A good example is when selling season tickets: the season ticket holder books a seat for all the events of the season. takes care of the all-or-nothing aspect of season tickets: either booking succeeds for all events, or it doesn't succeed for any of them. So prefer doing a single change status call with a number of events as parameter, instead of changing the object status for each event individually.


calling this API will be considered as a "booking" for each event in the season for pricing purposes.

POST https://api-{region}
POST https://api-{region}
POST https://api-{region}
POST https://api-{region}


'objects': ['A-3', 'A-5', 'A-7'],
'events': ['event1', 'event2', 'event3'],
'status': 'myCustomStatus'
  • objects: an array of object ids to release
  • events: an array of event keys
  • status: the status you want to assign to an object
  • holdToken (optional): the hold token must be supplied when you want to make sure that the same person that made the hold confirms his booking.
  • orderId (optional): an order id, defined by yourself, to be able to retrieve the objects IDs per order later on.


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