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Update extra data for multiple objects

Rate limits

This endpoint belongs to the priority lane.

Updates the extra data for a bunch of objects in an event, without changing the object status.

POST https://api-{region}{eventKey}/actions/update-extra-data
"extraData": {
"A-1": {
"userId": "123"
"A-2": {
"userId": "456"

extraData is a mapping between object labels and extra data objects. The extra data objects must be valid JSON objects.

Example request

curl https://api-{region} \
-u aSecretKey: -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"extraData": {"A-1": {"userId": "123"}, "A-2": {"userId": "456"}}}'


204 - No Content, or 404 when one or more objects don't exist on the chart.