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How to embed the Chart Manager

To show the chart manager to your admins or box office managers, you need to do the following:

  1. add an empty div to your page and give it an id (‘chart-manager’ is a good choice)
  2. load https://cdn-{region}
  3. create a new seatsio.ChartManager object, configure it and call its render() method

So in short: just copy & paste this code snippet and adapt it to your needs.

<div id="chart-manager"></div>

<script src="https://cdn-{region}"></script>
new seatsio.ChartManager({
divId: 'chart-manager',
secretKey: 'your workspace secret key', // never expose the secret key on a public web page!
chart: 'your chart key',
mode: 'manageRulesets'

The chart.js URL depends on the region of your account:

  • (Europe)
  • (North America)
  • (South America)
  • (Oceania)
A special note to Android or framework users

The easiest way to show this component is to use the official wrapper package:

Using TypeScript?
Type definitions for are available at