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Event Manager configuration


Type: string

The id of the div on your page in which you want to render the event manager.

Either pass in divId or container, but not both.

divId: 'chart-manager'


Type: Element

The parent Element in which the event manager gets rendered.

Either pass in container or divId, but not both.

container: document.getElementById('chart')


Type: string
The secret key of a workspace


Never expose this secret key on a public web page! Only use the event manager behind a login wall.

secretKey: 'my secret key'


Type: string

The key of the event (or the season) for which you want to render the event manager.

event: 'smallTheatreEvent1'


Type: string

See Modes for the list of possible modes and their purpose.


Type: string

Currently supported languages are:

  • 'nl' – Dutch
  • 'en' – English
  • 'de' – German
  • 'pt' – Portuguese
  • 'es' – Spanish
  • 'fr' – French


Type: object

The messages parameter allows you to change all kinds of texts that are displayed on the chart: section labels, tooltip texts, static text objects ... you name it. Just pass in an object with the original texts as keys, and the translations as values. For a more detailed explanation, check this page.


Type: object Default:

showOrderId: true,
showTechnicalLabel: false

Allows to toggle on or off some features of the cursor tooltip, displayed when hovering objects when using pointing devices like a mouse, or when tapping on an object on touch devices.

  • showOrderId (default: true): show the orderId in the tooltip if present.
  • showTechnicalLabel (default: false): show the technical label, if one of the label components was overridden via the Displayed Label field in Designer.


Type: function(object)
Returns: string

A function whose result will be displayed as extra information on the cursor tooltip. See for more info.


Type: boolean

Whether to show the full screen button or not. Defaults to true.


Pass in extra configuration to callbacks that get executed within the iFrame.



Type: string

Whether to adapt to the container div width, or to its width and height.



Type: function(object, defaultColor, extraConfig)
Default: depends on the event manager mode (e.g. in manageChannels mode, a seat gets the color of its assigned channel)

A function that determines the object color.



Type: object

Allows you to change the defaults of the view settings menu (the eye icon) in Event Manager. This menu allows users to toggle visibility of seat labels, row labels and (in select and static mode) to use channel colors instead of category colors. By default, these options are not enabled, but with viewSettingsDefaults you can change that.

  • showSeatLabels (boolean): show seat and other object labels by default or not
  • showRowLabels (boolean): show row labels by default or not
  • useChannelColors (boolean): use channel colors (true) or category colors (false). Only available in select and static modes.