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Event Manager configuration


Type: string

The id of the div on your page in which you want to render the event manager.

Either pass in divId or container, but not both.

divId: 'chart-manager'


Type: Element

The parent Element in which the event manager gets rendered.

Either pass in container or divId, but not both.

container: document.getElementById('chart')


Type: string
The secret key of a workspace


Never expose this secret key on a public web page! Only use the event manager behind a login wall.

secretKey: 'my secret key'


Type: string

The key of the event (or the season) for which you want to render the event manager.

event: 'smallTheatreEvent1'


Type: string

See Modes for the list of possible modes and their purpose.


Type: string

Currently supported languages are:

  • 'nl' – Dutch
  • 'en' – English
  • 'de' – German
  • 'pt' – Portuguese
  • 'es' – Spanish
  • 'fr' – French


Type: object

The messages parameter allows you to change all kinds of texts that are displayed on the chart: section labels, tooltip texts, static text objects ... you name it. Just pass in an object with the original texts as keys, and the translations as values. For a more detailed explanation, check this page.


Type: object Default:

showOrderId: true,
showTechnicalLabel: false

Allows to toggle on or off some features of the cursor tooltip, displayed when hovering objects when using pointing devices like a mouse, or when tapping on an object on touch devices.

  • showOrderId (default: true): show the orderId in the tooltip if present.
  • showTechnicalLabel (default: false): show the technical label, if one of the label components was overridden via the Displayed Label field in Designer.


Type: function(object)
Return: string

A function whose result will be displayed as extra information on the cursor tooltip. See for more info.


Type: boolean

Whether to show the full screen button or not. Defaults to true.


Pass in extra configuration to callbacks that get executed within the iFrame.



Type: string

Whether to adapt to the container div width, or to its width and height.



Type: function(object, defaultColor, extraConfig) Default: depends on the event manager mode (e.g. in manageChannels mode, a seat gets the color of its assigned channel)

A function that determines the object color.