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Type: array
Default: []

selectionValidators: [
    {type: 'noOrphanSeats'},
    {type: 'consecutiveSeats'},

Selection validators run every time a seat is selected or deselected. They check whether there are no orphan seats, and/or whether all selected seats are consecutive (meaning: next to each other and in the same category).

If the selection is valid, onSelectionValid is triggered. If not, onSelectionInvalid is triggered.

A typical way to use this is to disable the checkout button on your form and to show a warning when onSelectionInvalid is triggered.


selectionValidators: [
    {type: 'noOrphanSeats'}

Checks for orphan seats. An orphan is a single seat that's left open.

By default, orphans are highlighted by an exclamation mark, and are colored red. If you prefer this doesn't happen, pass in highlight: false.

selectionValidators: [
    {type: 'noOrphanSeats', highlight: false}


Checks for seats that are not on the same row or not next to each other. Also, it checks for seats that don't have the same category.

selectionValidators: [
    {'type': 'consecutiveSeats'}