Retrieve an event

Retrieve an event#

GET https://api-{region}{eventKey}
curl https://api-{region} -u aSecretKey:
"id": 168,
"key": "anotherEvent",
"tableBookingConfig": {
"mode": "CUSTOM",
"tables": {
"T1": "BY_TABLE",
"T2": "BY_SEAT",
"T3": "BY_TABLE"
"chartKey": "4150dddc-e41f-c7cb-986a-2c5e728b8c20",
"supportsBestAvailable": true,
"forSaleConfig": {
"forSale": false,
"objects": ["section1"],
"categories": []
"channels": [
"name": "Channel 1",
"key": "8950dddc-e51f-c7cb-986a-2c5e728b8c21",
"color": "#aaaaaa",
"objects": ["A-1", "A-2"]
"socialDistancingRulesetKey": "ruleset1",
"createdOn": "2017-03-05T10:58:44.715Z",
"updatedOn": "2017-04-05T10:58:44.615Z"
  • supportsBestAvailable: true if the chart of the event has a focal point.

  • forSaleConfig: null, unless /mark-as-for-sale or /mark-as-not-for-sale have been called

  • tableBookingConfig: mode can either be

    • INHERIT: table booking settings are inherited from the chart
    • CUSTOM: for this event, some tables have a different table booking config than defined on the chart
    • ALL_BY_SEAT: for this event, all tables are bookable by seat
    • ALL_BY_TABLE: for this event, all tables are bookable as a whole
  • tableBookingModes: deprecated. Use tableBookingConfig.tables instead.

  • bookWholeTables: deprecated. Use tableBookingConfig.mode instead.