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Update a channel

Update the name, color and/or assigned objects of a single channel on an event.

POST https://api-{region}{eventKey}/channels/{channelKey}

Example request body

"name": "Channel 1",
"color": "#ED303D",
"objects": ["A-1", "A-2"]

The request body should be a JSON object with at least one of these properties:

  • name needs to be unique across the event.
  • color needs to be a valid css color; color is used in the Event Manager, to be able to distinguish different channels. End users (ticket buyers) will not get to see the channel by color.
  • objects the object labels of the objects that need to be assigned to this channel. Replaces the previous list of objects.

Not specifying a property (or passing in null) in the request means its value will stay the same. That way you can use this endpoint to, for example, just update the name without touching object assignments.


The specified objects will be un-assigned from any previous channels.
That means that if seat A-1 is already assigned to channelA, and you update channelB so that it gets A-1 assigned to it, it will no longer be assigned to channelA and only be assigned to channelB.


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