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Create a workspace

Creates a workspace. Only the name is required.


You need to authenticate with your company admin key for this API call.

POST https://api-{region}
"name": "a workspace",
"isTest": false
  • name: the name of the workspace. Can be any string (including spaces or special characters)
  • isTest: optional. Defaults to false.
curl -X POST https://api-{region} \
-u anAdminKey: -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"name": "a workspace"}'
"id": 169,
"name": "a workspace",
"key": "18725661-36d6-4755-905a-28ce82d0c2d5",
"secretKey": "7c647eed-0880-4118-9459-82757579703e",
"isDefault": true,
"isTest": false,
"isActive": true