List workspaces

Returns a paginated list of workspaces you’ve previously created. The workspaces are returned in reverse chronological order: the most recently created workspace will appear first in the list.

Pass in a filter to only find the workspaces that have a matching name.

By default the call returns active and inactive workspaces. Add /active or /inactive to change that behaviour.

GET https://api-{region}
GET https://api-{region}
GET https://api-{region}
More info:
curl https://api-{region} \
-u anAdminKey:

The response will be a paginated JSON object that contains all workspaces for the authenticated company:

"next_page_starts_after": 122,
"items": [
"id": 169,
"name": "a workspace",
"key": "18725661-36d6-4755-905a-28ce82d0c2d5",
"secretKey": "7c647eed-0880-4118-9459-82757579703e",
"isDefault": true,
"isTest": false,
"isActive": true
"id": 170,
"name": "another workspace",
"key": "34725661-36d6-4755-905a-28ce82d0c2d5",
"secretKey": "56647eed-0880-4118-9459-82757579703e",
"isDefault": false,
"isTest": true,
"isActive": false