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Manage Object Statuses mode

Configuration setting

mode: 'manageObjectStatuses'



Allows to mark objects to book or release when applying changes.


Takes all of the Event Manager configuration options, styling and callbacks.

This mode also takes the following options:


events: string[]

The keys of the events for which you want to render the event manager.

session (optional)

session: string

Start a session to temporarily hold objects upon selection.

Possible values are:

  • 'continue': continue a previously started session by using the hold token in session storage, or start a new session if there's no hold token.
  • 'start': start a new session (and generate a new hold token).
  • 'manual': continue the session identified by holdToken. Use this when you generated a hold token through our backend API.
  • 'none': session is disabled. Objects don't get held on click.

See session for further information.