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Static mode

Configuration setting

mode: 'static'



In static mode, objects cannot be selected. It is very similar to the static mode on the Renderer, but with the information and permissions only available in Event Manager modes.
It is meant as a way to provide your back office users means to get a view on the current state of the Event.


Takes all of the Event Manager configuration options, styling and callbacks.

This mode also takes the following options:


events: string[]

The keys of the events for which you want to render the event manager.

onObjectMouseOver: (mousedOverObject) => {}

Fired when the cursor enters an object (seat, table, etc).

onObjectMouseOut: (mousedOutObject) => {}

Fired when the cursor leaves an object (seat, table, etc).

setHighlightedObjects: (objectLabels) => {}

Highlights the specified objects (and dims all others) for easier visual identification.

If you are using onObjectMouseOver and onObjectMouseOut to trigger highlighted objects, we recommend passing an empty array on mouse out to avoid excessive flashing while moving the cursor between objects. See the following example for the difference in behaviour:

GoodHighlight BadHighlight

Note: Passing an empty array will dim all objects.

clearHighlightedObjects: () => {}

Clears all objects highlighted by setHighlightedObjects and reverts them to default appearance.

tooltipContents: (object) => string

A function to replace the default cursor tooltip with custom text. The object parameter is the currently hovered object.

Can be formatted using a simple BBCode format:

  • [b]bold[/b] - Applies a bold styling.
  • [i]italic[/i] - Applies an italic styling.
  • [pre]preformatted[/pre] - Applies an fixed-width styling with pre white spacing.
  • [br/] - Inserts a break line.