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Select mode

Configuration setting

mode: 'select'



Allows to select objects similarly like on the Renderer, but with the information and permissions only available in Event Manager modes. It is meant as a way to provide your back office users means to select seats to perform custom operations.

You will need to pass in callbacks to make use of this mode, such as onObjectSelected and onObjectDeselected.


Takes all of the Event Manager configuration options, styling and callbacks.

This mode also takes the following options:


selectionBy: string

Defines what the user selects when clicking on an object.

Possible values are:

  • "places": Default. Selection is done in the context of places. Areas, which contain many places, will either have all places selected or prompt the user to specify how many places to select depending on the type of Area.
  • "objects": Selection is done in the context of objects. Selecting an Area selects the object itself, not the places inside, and will not prompt the user to choose places either. Only triggers one onObjectSelected event.


events: string[]

The keys of the events for which you want to render the event manager.