Type: array of objects
Default: []

Seats supports two types of pricing: simple pricing and multi-level pricing. Both are defined using the pricing configuration parameter.

  • Simple pricing is pretty, well, simple: there's a single price point per category.
  • Multi-level pricing is for when you want to offer multiple price points within the same category, for example if you have a different price for student and regular tickets. Those are what we call ticket types.

You can read a more in-depth descussion about pricing categories and ticket types here.


For information about the priceFormatter parameter used in the examples below, see this page

Simple pricing#

For single price points per category, simply pass a pricing array of js objects like so:

pricing: [
{'category': 1, 'price': 30},
{'category': 2, 'price': 40},
{'category': 3, 'price': 50}

Note that you can also use the category labels instead of their keys:

pricing: [
{'category': "Balcony", 'price': 30},
{'category': "Ground Floor", 'price': 40},
{'category': "Wheelchair", 'price': 50}
Category labels need to be 100% correct when used as keys

They are cAsE sEnSiTiVe: a category label "Balcony" is not the same as "balcony".

Multi-level pricing#

You can also pass in labels for the ticket types. Ticket buyers will see the label in tooltips, instead of the technical ID:

Longer descriptions are possible as well: