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Type: function(objects)
Returns: Promise<void>

Deselects matched objects. The parameter objects must be an array of strings or an array of objects.

chart.deselectObjects(['A-1', 'A-2']);
chart.deselectObjects(['A-1', 'A-2'], () => console.log('deselection succesful'));
chart.deselectObjects([{id: 'General Admission', ticketType: 'adult'}]);
chart.deselectObjects([{id: 'General Admission', amount: 2}]);

If an array of string is passed, the objects that match the provided IDs will be deselected.

If an array of objects is passed, these objects should have the following structure:

id: String, (required)
ticketType: String (optional)
amount: Number (optional)

Note that the promise does not resolve to an array of deselected objects. Use onObjectDeselected for that.

Held objects will be released

If the objects were temporarily held, deselectObjects() releases them again.