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Type: boolean
Default: false

For charts with sections, enabling this setting will hide sections where all bookable objects are set as not for sale. By extension, this will also hide entire floors if every object on it is set as not for sale.

A note about hidden floors

Floors are always hidden from the top down until a floor with one or more objects for sale is located. It will never alter the floor order or leave gaps between floors.

Example: If your chart has three floors, and floor three is marked as entirely not for sale, it will not be shown in the chart. However, if the floor marked as not for sale is between floors with available objects, it will not be hidden.

Default behavior

A chart with entire sections marked not for sale will render them as unavailable:

Section contents shown


When hideSectionsNotForSale is set to true, those sections will be entirely hidden from the chart, which is then resized to use available space:

Section contents hidden

Use this setting when you want to open up a venue in stages as more places are booked.