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Type: object

showActionHint: true,
showAvailability: false,
showCategory: true,
showLabel: true,
showPricing: true,
showUnavailableNotice: true,
stylizedLabel: true,
confirmSelectionOnMobile: "auto"
Various tooltip configurations

Allows to toggle on or off some features of the cursor tooltip, displayed when hovering objects when using pointing devices like a mouse, or when tapping on an object on touch devices.

Parameters that aren't passed will use their default values instead.

The supported parameters are:

  • showActionHint - Default: true. If true, a "Click to select" or "Click to deselect" message will be displayed on bookable objects when selection is allowed.
  • showAvailability - Default: false. If true, the amount of available seats of the section or general admission will be displayed.
  • showCategory - Default: true. If true, the object's category color and name will be displayed.
  • showLabel - Default: true. If true, the section name, row number and/or seat number of the object will be visible. If false, no labeling will be shown.
  • showPricing - Default: true. If true, the price range of the object's category will be visible.
  • showUnavailableNotice - Default: true. If true, a notice will be displayed on the tooltip if the object is unavailable.
  • stylizedLabel - Default: true. If true, a labels will be displayed in a hierarchy-based styling, improving readability. If false, labels will be displayed as flat text.
  • confirmSelectionOnMobile - Boolean. Default: auto. If true, a popup will show up when selecting an object on mobile containing the same information as the desktop tooltip, seen on hover. A button must be pressed to confirm the selection. If false, selection is done instantly but no information regarding the object is shown to the user. If unset, it will automatically attempt to show it unless an onObjectClicked parameter is passed in.