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Type: string[] | object[]
Default: []

Render the chart with the specified objects selected (if they are still free).

You can pass object labels inside the array, like this:

selectedObjects: ['A-1', 'A-2']

It's also possible to pass in ticket types:

selectedObjects: [{label: 'A-1', ticketType: 'adult'}, {label: 'A-2', ticketType: 'child'}]

For general admission areas, you need to specify not only the object label, but also the amount, like so:

selectedObjects: [{label: 'MyGA', amount: 4}]

Note that you can mix and match the two, so this will select both the seats and the GA as expected:

selectedObjects: ['A-1', 'A-2', {label: 'MyGA', amount: 4}]